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U Turn

Yesterday we made an epic U Turn. As many of you know we found out that the adoption plan for the twins fell through earlier this week. Our hearts were deeply grieved, but we still felt this steady hope that God wasn't finished yet. I am unable to share specifics due to confidentiality, but God kept sending reminders to us along the way that He sees us and reigns over all the details.

Thursday night we decided that amidst the perceived failed adoption it was time to return to Alabama and get our daughter settled. The adoption agency agreed. We had so much stuff with us and most of it honestly for the twins we had to rent an extra car. So many things packed away, which was painful for me to catch sight of in the midst of our pain and disappointment. We grieved not being with them on their birthday. I felt so mindful of them on the day they were born. Although what brought tears the most was feeling convinced I was their mama. I should be there to meet their needs! Our prayers, however, shifted to bigger picture and pleading with the Lord to keep them safe (above all else).

The "U Turn"... we were 3 hours down the road when we got a call saying we should stay in Florida. That the birth mom had changed her mind and hoped that we hadn't left yet. Our heads were spinning! She wanted to lovingly place the twins with us as originally planned. The children had already been "sheltered" by the state.

In high spirits, we drove back to the Airbnb we just left 3 hours ago and rejoiced. But there is still so much to work out as we will be extending our trip in Florida (awaiting placement and clearance to return home). We could certainly be here another month, possibly more. We are asking for continued support to assist with our housing expenses. We have easily spent over 8k just on housing. We wanted to reach out in all honesty where we are and what tangible needs we have. If others have a connection to housing in Florida (St. Petersburg or Tampa) where we might stay or prayerfully consider donating to our Lifesong for Orphans fund (tax deductible) to help towards our future Airbnb stay, we desperately need it! It's high season and in this area it is hard to find anything less than 5k a month. We need a place to stay and not have to move every week. It would be very beneficial for us to be under our own roof and remain close to the hospital (baby boy is still in NICU) for the next few weeks to create consistency for our daughter and bonding with the twins. We have family we can stay with a few hours south for the later part of our time but here in the beginning it is critical we are close by for NICU stay and medical care post discharge.

The past 7 1/2 weeks in Florida have been some of the most glorious times and also certainly the most stressful times of our lives. We have moved 6 times and 5 of those times with our adorable toddler. We are so grateful God has made her so resilient in the midst of great change. She's been through so much and at the same time graciously cared for and protected till she made it into our arms.

With that said, we wouldn't be able to do this AT ALL without the prayers and the financial support of our family and community (ya'll are helping raise these babies!). We need to continue to pray these babies home. We don't know details yet or dates of when the twins will be in our arms, but we are hopeful next week to get a glimpse and take them in. We are so grateful to have you with us and share with you this kingdom work God is doing!


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