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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Friends and family...we are overjoyed to share some BIG news! Sorry that we haven't sent this update sooner, but believe it or not our hands and hearts have been full. Behind the scenes, the twins' big sister has been a possible part of the adoption plan. We found out a week before Christmas that we were getting a daughter! If you're laughing right now then you get the picture! We are going from zero to 3! So many times the past few weeks I have sensed the Father's smile and laugh as we do the new parent scramble. Who goes from no kids to a full blown active toddler haha??!! We truly are a sight to behold haha!

We have been in Florida for over two weeks and have been savoring this time to bond with our little one as we wait for clearance to return home briefly and the birth of the twins. Whichever comes first :) Both determine the length of our stay, which will still be weeks.

Meet Harmony Kate Flayhart! She just turned 21 months. She is a very active, adventurous, passionate, and affectionate little girl. She is also fearless so she keeps mommy and daddy on their toes every second haha. She loves to DANCE, sing, swim, climb, color, play dress-up, swing, go to the beach, take long walks with mommy in her stroller, play chase with daddy, and take in any animals she can see. We are surrounded by such beauty here and the weather has overall been fantastic. We are so in love with our little girl and so honored that God would entrust us with a daughter! We saw the Spirit show up in so many circumstances that we cannot count the stories of His kindness to us!

Everyday the bonding and trust is growing stronger and we have such hope for our little girl. She has been in loving foster homes and we have developed a great friendship with her former foster parents. Behind the scenes, God was ALWAYS been protecting our little one and she was under the care of incredible believers that have loved her so very well. Still cannot believe the incredible love and connection we feel towards the foster families involved. Our prayers have been heard and answered. Their faithfulness (and ultimately our good good Father's faithfulness) shines as we see our little girl thriving and letting us into her world.

As you can imagine, the joys have been beyond belief but there are also many new challenges. We would certainly ask for your prayers as we transition and are away from home and community. So much new for her and us. And more new to come. We have had to live in 3 different places so far since we arrived. We miss having our support system so close by. In addition, my mom suffered a terrible injury and had to have surgery on her arm. We are so grateful that she is okay, although a long road to recovery. We are thankful for the family that resides in Florida that we have been able to have sweet fellowship with. We also anticipate family coming down to visit and help..trust me when the twins come we shamelessly need it haha.

Please pray for housing logistics as the birth of the twins comes near. We were fortunate to find a wonderful Airbnb to rent for 1 month that we have through Jan 31st. We need to figure out housing after that and it is unclear when we will be cleared to return home with all 3 kiddos, but could be late February or early March. Lots of logistics and decisions to make with unknown timeframes so pray for wisdom.

Also pray for Josh as he continues to work remotely. He will have paternity leave once twins are born but pray for continued favor with his employer as they have been so understanding and gracious.

Please pray for safety for twins and birth mom as pregnancy progresses. We are almost 34 weeks... so getting close. Pray for all hearts involved as adoption is not natural and there are so many unknowns to us each step of the way. Our hearts are surprisingly at rest and hopeful overall. We have confidence in His will as it enfolds bit by bit. We know this is in His hands and not ours! He has continued to show Himself worthy of our trust and hearts surrender...but we need to continue to be reminded time and time again. Physically and mentally we are tired haha and we have all had some level of sickness but recovering.

None of this would be happening or be possible without the grace upon grace our good Father has showered upon us! None of this would be happening without your love, your prayers, and support. We cannot wait to introduce you to our sweet Harmony Kate, who has been the life of the party this Christmas! Best Christmas Gift EVER!

All our love,

Kara & Josh


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