• karaflayhart

Sweet Home Alabama

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

As you may have guessed it...we are finally cleared to journey home to Alabama! We received a call late last night from our agency that we finally received ICPC clearance! This was certainly a sweet surprise. We have our rental SUV extra large packed to the brim and 3 babies in tow! Praying that we don’t have all 3 crying at once haha. We are a sight to see that’s for sure. We have to stop every few hours for feeding the twins so we anticipate we may not make it home till tomorrow. please pray for traveling mercies and a smooth homecoming. I honestly forget what it feels like to not live out of a suitcase week by week so really longing to settle in and enjoy our new family. Looking forward to reunion with family and friends. Thank you for encouraging us from afar and lifting us up in the ups and downs. Can’t wait to share the joy of our children with y’all and celebrate what God has brought together!


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