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One Step Closer

Finally! The (paper) weight has lightened and we are onto the next phase in our journey before we can match: Fundraising. We have sent off our documents to Faithful Adoption Consultants and are about to become active clients. This means we are one big step closer to our child as we can soon be matched to a birth mom.

At least to me, it has not seemed very "real" amidst all the menial tasks and paper work; and yet, it's in the small strokes that the bigger picture is painted.

We are so encouraged to have come even this far and a lot of that encouragement stems from those of you who have already generously given with your time and donations. We are deeply thankful for having friends that have walked this journey before, who have encouraged us over coffee, and even having friends and family take pictures of us for our profile book. We even have received second hand baby stuff and the reality is starting to set in that baby flay is coming soon. We don't know where we would be without our community. Thank you for being a part of our family journey.

If you feel lead, you may go here to support us.


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