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Making Room

We have started on baby flay’s nursery. This has been something I have dreamed of for many years, but has been too painful to make a reality. Josh and I ordered and assembled our crib several weeks ago as a kind of milestone for completing our home study. We have gathered a few sentimental items for the nursery including a vintage Winnie the Pooh, a few books, and Josh‘s infant converse shoes (31 years old and they are so precious).

We really wanted a chair to rock baby flay to sleep in and read books to on our lap. Our neighborhood was doing a garage sale and I posted on our neighborhood FB page that I was searching for a chair for our nursery. Shortly after a couple sent me a message that they had a rocking chair that may be what we are looking for. Josh and I went to their home yesterday afternoon and got to hear the story of how our neighbor does woodworking as a hobby and completely restored this rocking chair that had been in broken pieces. It’s beautiful, vintage, and in pristine condition.

For many years our dreams have been shattered and ripped to pieces. God has stripped away a lot of rough edges and now something beautiful has been formed in our hearts. HOPE. TRUST. BEAUTY FOR ASHES.

We are excited to see Gods redemptive story unfold and we pray our journey will give hope to others who have had shattered dreams. God can restore and is restoring. We wait with great hope for baby flay, but even more than baby flay, we wait for God to make all things new.

Thank you for taking the time to enter our story. Should you desire to donate towards our adoption please click here.


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