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Good Friday

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Today is Good Friday. The remembrance of Christ atoning for our sins. I wonder what it might seem to those who aren't Christians; like, isn't it weird we celebrate the death of our God? Maybe I'm overthinking it, but it's certainly hard to grasp if one doesn't understand the context of this Christian holiday. It is "good" because our God now sees us as righteous and perfect through Jesus, who died for us this day. One can even imagine that God now sees us as we should be in heaven. Perfect, lovely, unblemished, and complete. But we on earth have yet to experience that perfect communion with Him until we are in heaven. Imagine God saying to you, "If you only knew what I know about you. If you could only see what I see. My perfect and lovely child."

For a moment, one might be curious why we celebrate a "good" thing out of terrible suffering that Jesus went through, but at this risk of sounding heretical, it's because this day is about us. It's about God saying, I'm done with sin and sacrifices. I want to experience you perfectly without sin. Yes, this day is also about Jesus and what He did for us, but it's because of what He did for us we can celebrate this day; He adopted us as His children and conquered death itself so that we might have life in Him. So yeh, this is a GREAT Friday! Thank you Lord, for sending your Son to experience the ultimate power of Hell, your wrath, so that we as your adopted children don't have to. Amen.


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