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Behold His Creation

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I just felt the Lord speaking to me this morning as I was reading through Genesis. I picked that because I became more curious about why God created mankind. I mean, we can say it’s because He loves us and wants community with us, so we can glorify and enjoy Him forever. While all that’s true, it is often reduced to head knowledge to me. So I thought I’d open up my study bible and dig in to God's Word.

I think these types of "urges" for me are clearly spiritual because there always ends up being a sense of awe as I experience the living Word of God speaking into my life and filling it with joy. All I can say is I experienced the creation story anew as I became awestruck with God’s workmanship, intentionality, and care in making us and His world-- making the elements, molecules, and animals in all the ways that could have been and should have been, but we blew it in Eden (lookin' at you Adam). Experiencing my dog at home, as sweet as that is, could have been our experience with lions, and tigers, and bears. I guess the joy I kept experiencing was “this is my God who made everything perfect and in His image (i.e. mankind)” and “he created me and I am His child”. And simply the fact there is much to look forward to in eternity. I was just humbled and grateful that I am even allowed to be a servant in His kingdom because that’s all I have to be to behold His glory; yet I have been made a son of the most High. More so, on par with Jesus Christ because of his imputed righteousness. That is something to be joyful about! Oh to experience His perfect creation again in the new heavens and the new earth...

As I hear the painters outside hard at work on our house, the trash truck, cars going to and from school/work. Behold His glory and His creation. As I live and breathe, although sinful, behold His creation. As I enjoy a simple life with my wife and dog. Behold His creation. As we pray for the child whom God has set aside for us to parent. Behold His creation. And to all the little children of the world-- behold them, for they are His creation! Amen.


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