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Triple Flay

In case you’ve missed our last update we are now a family of five! On thursday we got to pick up our little boy from the NICU and a few hours later pick up our little girl from state custody. Our twins were 10 days old when we got to hold them and take them in with our own eyes for the first time. Words fail to express the gratitude and wonder of feasting our eyes on our children. Not only did we see the children that we have prayed for and longed for (for so so long) but the reflection of our daughter Harmony Kate which created an instant connection and familiarity with each of them.

Introducing for the first time Owen and Nora:

...or as Harmony affectionately calls them “Oh-no” and “no-no”.

They are both thriving and doing well. Owen was having feeding issues and respiratory distress at birth- all of which have resolved and he is gaining weight. We got to be with him at the hospital the last few hours before hospital discharge. They are still too small for almost all of the newborn clothes I brought for them but not for long. Nora seems to be more settled and easily contented. Owen’s eyes look hungry not just for his bottle but to bond and be held pretty much all the time. I love walking around the house with both of them in my arms and cannot stop studying every little detail of them.

We got to have a birthday party for the twins on Friday with both sets of grandparents which centered most importantly on celebrating Harmony Kate as a Big Sister!!! We had balloons, cupcakes, and gifts for Harmony Kate from the twins. She has taken well to them and is so affectionate with each of them. She misses the constant one on one time with Mama but she is in return building deeper connection and comfort in Dada’s arms as well as her grandparents “Baba” and ”Lali”.

We are still in Florida awaiting clearance to return to home to Alabama. Hard to believe it’s been 3 months since we have been in our home. We are finishing up our last few days at our current airbnb and then will travel south to stay with family in Naples area. We are incredibly grateful for the tangible ways community has supported us. We have been overwhelmed with gratitude as we have experienced the generosity of God’s people and the faithfulness of so many who have persevered with us in prayer to bring these babies home. We praise God to share with you that we have received enough funds to cover our housing expenses and for us to rent a car (a big SUV haha) for the last leg of our travel.

We hope to be home in the next couple weeks and are so eager to thank everyone in person who have been a tangible reflection of God‘s love for us and our babies. He truly has done exceedingly and abundantly above what we had dreamed and even prayed. God has showed off in big ways and has displayed His kindness to us over and over again. We rejoice and shed happy tears as we hold our children close. We’re definitely tired adjusting to having newborns but our hearts our full as we reflect on the journey and how we got to this point. We look forward to the day (hopefully very soon) to introduce our 3 beautiful babies to our sweet friends and family!


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