About Us

Kara and Josh Flayhart

We have been married for over 5 years. It’s amazing how time flies but we also feel like we have been a part of each other for much longer. We are so blessed to have such a close friendship between us. We started off as friends where we were a part of the same church small group at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church (where we are still members). God in His perfect timing naturally turned our friendship towards dating and then marriage. It’s funny how God puts two people together who are so opposite in so many ways. We are practically opposites on the Meyer’s briggs test. Josh is introverted and needs time to recharge after social events and Kara is like a wind up toy that rarely seeks alone time and wants to be around people a lot. Josh is very “techy” and loves using all of his fun gadgets and newest technology. He started off as a self-taught web programmer and now works at Shipt as a software engineer. Kara has been a nurse for over 12 years and is now working in private practice in outpatient surgery.

We enjoy a full house of friends and family around the table, good food, and conversation. Josh is the more adventurous one in the relationship, who enjoys planning his next camping trip. Kara is more of a home body who loves going on long walks and hosting fun activities at the house.


We reside in Hoover AL and just added Maizi, the sweetest english golden retriever to our household. She is Hand In Paw certified and is a therapy dog to kids, especially those with special needs. We look forward to growing our family and are so grateful you would take the time to hear our story and perhaps get to know us a little better through this process. Most of all we hope that God would use our story to bring Him glory and also hope to those around us who are struggling and waiting. 


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